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Our experienced Austin obgyns provide you with a lifetime of good health

Our Austin obgyns provide women in Austin, Bastrop, Cedar Park and Plugerville with comprehensive care from their teen years through menopause and beyond. Our physicians have the experience to manage women’s health issues with skill and compassion.

At Renaissance Women’s Group, we focus on preventive care and wellness strategies, from annual wellness visits to a variety of gynecology services. Our Austin obgyns combine a comforting bedside manner with exceptional women’s healthcare.

Continuity of care, from adolescence to menopause

When you have a problem, our Austin obgyns are here

When you experience symptoms or pain, our Austin obgyns have answers. Our physicians work closely with you to develop personalized treatment plans that address health issues. Your questions are important to us, and someone is always here to provide caring advice and answers.

We celebrate pregnancies and birth days with love and care

Our Austin obgyns have served generations of pregnant women. We provide expert care in a supportive environment before, during and after your pregnancy. When you’re ready to start your family, we offer preconception planning and basic fertility services to help optimize your chances of conceiving.

Once your good news is confirmed, our Austin obgyns set up a regular prenatal appointment schedule to ensure that you and your baby enjoy the healthiest journey possible. If problems arise, our knowledgeable, experienced physicians provide high-risk pregnancy patients with extra attention and specialized care.

Since 1981 Bryon Darby MD has been providing expert ultrasound and prenatal diagnostics to Austin women. Our Austin obgyns and experienced staff also provide genetic testing and other diagnostic and screening tests you may need during pregnancy.

We welcome women of all ages to our Renaissance Women’s Group offices in North Austin, Cedar Park and Bastrop. Contact us for an appointment and start your journey to lifelong health with our Austin obgyns.

Renaissance Women’s Group in the News: Dr. Devin Garza on KXAN

minimally invasive fibroid surgery in Austin

Dr. Garza is one of few surgeons trained on the Acessa System, a less invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to shrink the tumors.

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Baby love begins with taking care of yourself during pregnancy

Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Baby love begins with taking care of yourself during pregnancy
Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is the best way to take care of your baby. Our Austin obgyns share the best ways to love yourself and your baby throughout your pregnancy.
Five recommendations for taking care of yourself during pregnancy
Our Austin obgyns recommend  Read More

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Robotic Surgeon - Dr. Devin Garza

First robotic abdominal cervical cerclage performed in Austin

Dr. Devin Garza performs the first robotic abdominal cervical cerclage ever performed in Austin
Austin-area resident Melissa Hernandez was excited to learn about a procedure—an abdominal cervical cerclage—that might help prevent her from having a miscarriage. A cerclage is a procedure where the cervix is sewn shut to prevent it from opening due to the  Read More

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